✖️ Testimonials ✖️

As our makeup and hair department head on the feature film “Best Night Ever” Kelly Capoccia was a dream to work with. From beauty looks to special fx and everything in between she is greatly skilled at any and all demands. Kelly is a true pro and we can’t wait to work with her again!”

 – Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer (Directors – “Best Night Ever)

I absolutely adore Kelly’s positive attitude, it was always a pleasure to sit in her makeup chair. She is very clean, well organized, and approaches my face with such delicate hands. She is a wizard at eyebrows and always puts forth her best work. She maintains a level head under pressure and I would recommend her to anybody who is looking for a make up artist who can do beauty makeup to SFX.”

 – Cortney Palm (Actress/Model – “Zombeavers”)

Kelly’s eye for detail and impeccable execution, along with her amazing demeanor under rapidly changing situations, (hardly ideal for SFX makeup or makeup for that matter) makes for someone I want to work with forever.”
– Billy Rainey (Executive Producer – “Celebrities Undercover”)

How to describe Kelly Capoccia in 3 words, Professional,Leader, and Creative. She will always take her makeup/hair skills to the next level. I have had the honor to work with FELICIA multiple times and its been a pleasure every time. I can honestly say Kelly Capoccia will be the next well known makeup/hairstylist in our industry.”
– Ashley B. Cordova (Make-up Artist & Hairstylist)

Three words come to mind when it comes to Kelly’s work ethic, “get it done”.  If you ever have the Privilege to work with her you will find that she would do anything in her power to get it done and do it  in stellar fashion. From doing hair, make up, prosthetics to a blood gag she can really do it all.

I’ve gotten my hair done by Kelly multiple times and have never ever been disappointed. After every haircut/dye I’ve felt like I can take on the world! Also, her cuts grow out beautifully! If your strapped for cash or time you won’t have that weird “in between cuts/dye” look.  It’s been almost two months since she’s done my hair and I STILL get compliments on it! Her hands work some serious magic!”
Miyo Yamamoto (Artist/ FX Artist/ Future Tattoo Legend)

A HUGE thank you to Kelly for making me so beautiful! She not only brought out my best features but enhanced them so that it all looked natural and not heavily “made up”.  Kelly’s professionalism and high positive energy was infectious on the photoshoot set, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again – both on a personal level but also on client projects. Kelly’s work speaks for itself – she comes highly recommend!”
Romina Aquino (Marketing & Branding Consultant – Mazur Group)